Does this look like the face of a killer? You may not believe it, but this face is responsible for the death of tens of thousands, possibly even more, during the Holocaust. His name is Joseph Mengele, and he was known as the Angel of Death.

What's more remarkable is that, because of his looks, he was somehow allowed to escape without any punishment. Actually, that's kind of a misnomer; he was released because no one knew who he was at the time. The Allies knew of the name, but were looking for someone who looked, well more ominous than Mengele, who was a short and slight but good looking man. No one ever suspected that this man, who was only in his 30's, was a major killing machine.

Too often in this world, people give a lot of leeway to those people who present themselves very well physically. If you're good looking, you're probably going to get a break when it comes to how well you've done your job in the past, and how well you do your job for your present employer.

That's just how it goes; the good-looking people are often trading on their looks to get by. That's not to say that every good looking person does this; there are many very good looking people who are talented and work hard. But all of us have a soft spot for those who we find attractive; it's our nature.

And supposedly, attractive people are more intelligent. Think I'm making that one up? Psychology Today addressed this topic and came up with this one as being a fact. What they can't figure out is why, or even if their data is correct.

No matter, if you ask me. Any manager who decides an employees worth or lack thereof based on what they look like is a waste of time in my opinion. The majority of employees want to be judged on the merit of their work and nothing else. If managers fail on their responsibilities because they're swayed by how someone looks, then it shows they really have no interest in hiring the best employees possible.

Just as a disclaimer, the most attractive woman I ever interviewed I didn't end up hiring. She was stunning and nice and everything most of us would love in another person. But she wasn't qualified, and in the end, her work is what I would have been judged on.