(originally published November 17th, 2005)

You know, there’s nothing that will pick you up any quicker than a compliment. Yesterday, I agreed to go to a meeting where I didn’t even know what the topic was going to be. When the meeting started, I learned quickly that I was expected to be able to provide answers that are presently beyond the purview of my present consulting duties. However, I was lucky that the questions they were asking me were a part of my background and other things I consult on. I was able to address their issues, and handled the situation fairly well. Afterwards, even though I didn’t give them what they were hoping for, because that sort of information isn’t readily available, they thanked me for the educational lesson I ended up giving them, and said they appreciated someone smart who took the time to tell them these things.

Then today, at another meeting, afterwards another director, who’s also a physician, thanked me for all that I was doing for her area in helping them increase their revenue. Previously, she had told me that no one had ever talked to her about any of her issues, nor had ever been willing to help her.

Even with the weather getting worse by the day as we head into winter, I felt like the sun was shining on me. Who doesn’t love being complimented or thanked at some point? Please, if you can, find someone to thank for something today. Make someone else feel good and special