It's Super Tuesday night, or at least the aftermath based on when I'm writing, and it's been am amazing evening. Actually, I guess if I was going to be more correct, it's been an amazing political season, at least on the Democratic side of things.

Tonight, basically two people battled for delegates in 24 or 25 states across the country. One was black, the other was a woman. For someone like me, who loves studying history, this is the most amazing thing in American politics since Geraldine Ferraro ran as the vice presidential candidate for Walter Mondale.

This is actually more exciting for many reasons. One, back then, we all knew Mondale wasn't going to win, so there was more symbolism than meat in that election. Two, she was still running as a vice presidential candidate, not a presidential candidate. Three, we now know that the Democratic representative will be a first, no matter which candidate ends up with the most delegates in the end.

Frankly, I never thought I'd see either one happening in my lifetime, and we're on the cusp of it within a few months. This is stunning, and I'd have to say that, for the most part, I'm pleased by all of it. I didn't like the personal sniping, which was much ado about nothing, but now they're both back to topics, and that's what most of us care about anyway.

This is not to ignore what's happening on the Republican side, by the way. Mitt Romney being the first Mormon to be a serious candidate for president can't be discounted as insignificant in any way, and John McCain just might be the last candidate to run for president who's so identified with the Vietnam War.

I guess politics can have its fun moments, eh?