A few days ago I wrote a post here titled Bring Peace Back Into Your Life. The two comments I got both suggested that I not watch the news anymore. Well, being kind of a news junkie, there's no way I was going to agree to that. However, what I am going to do is not actively seek out news for a week.

Notice the wording there. What that means is that I'm not going to turn on any news programs unless there's something really big, which I hope against hope won't happen. I also won't actively seek out any news online, which is a biggie for me.

Now, here's what it won't mean. It won't mean if I see an intriguing headline pop across my Twitter stream that I won't check it out. It won't mean I might not do some research to write articles for my finance blog, some of which is dependent upon keeping up with some of the recent financial news. It won't mean I might not check out a link or two here and there from my blog reader, which tracks some news sources. And I'm certainly not giving up following sports, unless Syracuse University loses its first game Thursday afternoon; then I won't care until Sunday, which my week will already be over.

That's because I started this last Friday, which means I'm already into day number three, with only 4 days to go. So far it's been interesting; my wife has asked me what's going on in the world and the only thing I could tell her was about the earthquake in Turkey. I don't even know what's going on locally, which means I'll have to hear from someone else when, or if, they bring down that building that's ended up making the city block off Route 81 and thus created driving problems in the middle of the city and highway.

So far I'm not sure if it's liberating or not, but it's certainly different. Let's see how I feel come Friday.