For those people keeping score, on Monday I posted something saying I was going a week without news, but I had started it last Friday. That means that in a couple of hours my self imposed ban will be over.

It's been an interesting week, I must say. I haven't watched the news nor visited an online news site to scan any news headlines. I did do what I said I would, that being to follow some links to stories that caught my eye while on Twitter, and of course a couple that hit my email from news alerts. I wasn't totally out of the loop, but I know I missed a bunch of things.

What I caught was interesting. I caught some of the Oscar winners. I caught that there was another large earthquake in Chile, and a smaller one somewhere else; not sure where. I caught that some little NY representative had resigned, but I haven't fully figured out why yet. I caught that Corey Haim passed away, and that Lindsey Lohan was suing E-trade for something moronic. And I caught that President Obama is still favored by 51% of the populace, while Congress is only favored by 21%; that's a shame.

I missed a lot, but since I don't know all that I missed I guess it doesn't matter. But I have to say that part of what I expected to occur didn't work out quite as I thought it would. I thought that I'd be better prepared to catch up on all my email. I thought that I'd get more of my projects done. I really thought that without trying to catch the news that I'd concentrate more on other things.

None of that happened. Turns out that I really do spend an inordinate amount of time researching news items. I found it difficult to write my finance blog without knowing what was going on in the financial world; that's not good. I found that I don't really have all that many other websites that I like to visit that are in my bookmarks, since I'm used to chasing news. I found that I was bored sometimes, and I'd just leave the computer and go into the other room to watch the big screen TV. Yeah, I also worked out a few more times this week, which is always a good thing.

However, one other thing I realized is that I didn't have certain things in my mind to bother me and get me upset. I don't know if some morons molested some kids, or if some moron decided to kill his family and possibly himself. I don't know what's going on with the health care bill, or anything else Congress might be dealing with. I do know that Glenn Beck said something stupid, and that Rush Limbaugh said he'd leave the country if the health care bill was passed, but I have no idea what prompted either thing. I don't even know what's really going on locally, except there's a building that's still waiting to fall or be pulled down, and no one is doing anything because there's a debate as to who should be pulling it down; that was all before I stopped reading the news.

It was an interesting experiment; I might do it again some day. But I can't wait until midnight so I can find out what's going on in this world; I'm hoping that maybe I won't care as much, but I doubt it.