For those who don't know, Cling Wrap is this very thin plastic covering that you can wrap foods in. I didn't want to assume that everyone who reads this would be familiar with it, though I pretty much think everyone is.

Almost every household I know has some kind of cling wrap in their house; that is, unless it's a single male household. Cling Wrap is amazing stuff. Obviously you can use it to wrap all sorts of foods and even other items in it. It clings, which means you can wrap your foods air tight, or at tight as you'd like to. You can then use the same thing to warm your food up in the microwave by poking a couple of holes in it, and it's sturdy enough to handle it without melting. Frankly, it's wonderful stuff.

Sometimes. The problem with Cling Wrap is that if you get too much of it the stuff binds to itself before you can use it unless you're careful, which makes it an unworkable situation. There have been times when I have gotten a big sheet without being careful and it binds itself so much that I just can't get it separated and keep it separated long enough to do anything. And if you get a piece that's too small, then you have to toss it and grab another piece. Luckily it's not expensive, but it's irritating. It's great for what it does, but it's not always the easiest thing to work with.

Compare that to some of your employees, if you will. I think all of us love having brilliant employees. But one of the problems that can occur is that you can have so many brilliant employees that they're either hard to work with or, well, not really workers at all.

I've always believed that the best mix within an office is having some thinkers, some workers, and one or two with leadership capabilities.

Think about it this way. If everyone is a thinker, it means you're probably going to have dissension often because everyone will have their way of wanting to do things.

If everyone is a leader then there's no one to do the work.

And if everyone is a worker, it means they will only do what you tell them to do and not even try to think of any solutions on their own, or not do whatever is necessary other than what's expected of them. In that sense they're binded to you and makes your job harder to do because if you don't think of it then it won't get done. That's a heavy load on anyone for the 8 or 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, of being a leader.

Those are broad statements, yet it's been proven over and over in many businesses. That's why every person working in a law office isn't a lawyer, and why every person working in a hospital isn't a doctor. You need people who not only can fit into other roles, but are easy to work with and ready to accept those roles and their differences.

That's why we don't only have Cling Wrap in our kitchens. We have aluminum foil and we have plastic wrap and we have plastic bags. That's why we have forks and spoons and knives, different sizes of plates and glasses and cups and mugs. The diversification of employees and what they can offer and help us with is far more valuable that having just Cling Wrap; don't you think?