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T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc. 
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Liverpool, NY 13090 
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Executive Coaching / Mentoring:

What are you looking for in your business life? How stable are the personal dynamics of your workplace? Together we can address these issues so you can learn to focus on your goals, communicate better with others, and dare to succeed on your own terms. A free 30 minute session is all it will take to see if we can work with each other to guide you towards being a better healthcare manager and leader. Great leaders inspire others to do the best they can; is that something you aspire to? Contact me and let's have a conversation.

Why me?  Over 20 years in healthcare.  Started out as a biller;  moved into a supervisory role for both billing and emergency room registration.  I've worked with physicians, hospital directors and other hospital employees, I understand the unique business of healthcare, as well as its different types of pressure and, I hate to say, general lack of focus on leadership training.

Being a leader in healthcare can be lonely.  Competition can be fierce, pressure intense.  We can work with each other to help you interact better with others, achieve greater results, and help you discover where your path may want to take you.  You are not alone.

Learn how to set goals, both for yourself and your co-workers; learn how to work better with co-workers; feel better about yourself. Coaching can help with issues such as these, and more. We've been where you are, and know what you're going through.

Let's talk, share, and focus.