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Email Consulting Services:

Many hospitals and physicians have cut back on consulting services as the economy has gotten tougher. Consulting is expensive; we understand that. After all, good consultants have specialized training that allows them to do so many things for their clients, and that type of training and flexibility can be costly.

T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc isn't turning a blind eye to what clients needs may be in the area of revenue cycle management or medical billing. We have been brainstorming ways to bring quality to our clients on a less costly basis.

Therefore, we are enacting a new service which might help the majority of hospital or physician billing offices. We are offering email consulting services as they pertain to medical billing or revenue cycle questions.

The premise is simple. We will provide email consulting services on a monthly basis. Clients can pay for a month's worth of revenue cycle or medical billing questions. If paid by credit card, we don't need a contract and services won't automatically renew each month.

If being paid by check or invoice, there will be a signed contract for services, and the contract will have to be for three months. Clients can ask as many questions as they want during that period, and all questions will be answered within 48 business hours. Most questions will probably be answered much sooner than that, but the above is guaranteed.

We believe this will help some clients to be able to afford consulting at a time when their overall finances might not be strong enough to have a consultant come to them. If you need other consulting services, check this link to see what else we offer.