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Probably the most critical area that most healthcare facilities overlook, as far as importance, is their admissions and registration areas. Obtaining bad information will drastically limit the providers ability to collect on outstanding claims from being paid on a timely basis, or sometimes not at all. Not calling in and receiving a proper authorization can leave you with a claim that not only won't be paid by the insurance company, but, per contract, can't even be billed to a secondary carrier, including the patient.

There was a recent study which determined that 41% of claims rejected or paid incorrectly by insurance companies can be traced directly to registration errors. With one of our most recent clients, we were able to set up procedures which reduced the registration error rate from 24% to 10% in a three month period. This particular client, a health center, also had charge entry as part of their duties, and we were able to help them streamline a process which brought them to within 5% of their ultimate goal of having all charges entered into their system within 2 days.

Hospitals today work with upfront systems, which means the registration process, which includes obtaining proper authorizations and well documented insurance verification, is crucial, as most hospital bills aren't seen by anyone before they go out, which means it's left up to making sure billing edits for those errors are in place.

T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc, can help you reduce those errors so that more of your bills go out, and get paid, the first time.