Take Your Foot Off The Gas!

A workshop on Stress Management
and Communications

Are you stressed? Are you one of those people who go through road rage on the way to or from work?  Do you grit your teeth to keep from saying the wrong thing, or grind your teeth while you sleep?  Do you hold your tongue and suffer inside when others are the catalysts for your discomfort?

If so, this is the workshop for you.  This dynamic workshop will walk you through the types of events that cause stress, as well as teach proven methods for relieving it.  You will learn beneficial ways use better communication skills to remove even more stress from your life and help you to attain greater heights and relief.

Some specific points we'll discuss include:

  • Seven major reasons for stress in your work and personal life
  • Seven ways to begin relieving stress in your life
  • Business communication vs. personal communications

Mitch Mitchell has given workshops and seminars in 9 states. He has received overwhelmingly positive responses from those who have attended his presentations. Your employees deserve to have someone with top skills and a complete understanding of their issues to make them feel special and to lead them towards a more positive future.

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