Say It With Clarity

Presented by Mitch Mitchell
T. T. Mitchell Consulting

When you talk to people, do you know if you're being understood or not? Do you have people asking you all the time to repeat what you said? Do you know if you're using limiting words that inhibit communication with others?

This workshop will give you the opportunity to practice what you speak.  As well as learning how to effectively communicate with others in all situations, whether in an employer/employee situation or peer to peer, you will leave this workshop feeling as though you're ready to communicate with the world. 

More specifically, you will learn how to: 

     · Communicate with others in a positive manner 
     · Break down the barriers to effective communication 
     · Correspond better through email and memos 
     · Resolve conflicts with positive words and actions 
     · Read, react, and mask body language 

This powerful workshop is a must for anyone who ever has to work with another person in any capacity; this has to mean you.  Mr. Mitchell is an experienced and effective communicator who has traveled throughout the northeast presenting on subjects that concern how people interact with each other.  Why not let him use the tools and experiences that he's garnered to make you the communicator you've always wanted to be.

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