(originally posted February 27th, 2005)

I’ve had a whirlwind of a life in the last three days. There are times when you work for yourself when the phones are quiet, and you work on things to prepare for those busy times. Then there are times when you’re really busy, and get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

When things are slow, or you’re feeling down for any reason, it can seem as though it’s time to pack it all in and try something else. Some people just sit and brood and don’t do anything to change their lives. I was saying to someone earlier today, when asked what makes me happy, that what makes me happy is that every day, no matter how bad things were the day before, I have another opportunity to make the best life for myself that I can. And if things were good, I have another day that I can enjoy it.

I really do believe that if people get down constantly, what helps is some kind of mantra, or saying, that they come up with for themselves. It can be an affirmation, or something that makes them smile or laugh, but it’s got to be something that uplifts and is positive, and hopefully it’ll help change your mindset most of the time, because I acknowledge that sometimes you just need some time to be down; just don’t let it go on forever.

I know people who have very short mantras. I know people that have long ones, almost like a prayer. For that matter I know people whose mantras are prayers. I really don’t like putting down anything that works for a person, but for me I’ve always believed that the best mantras are short and sweet, a phrase you can pop out there that’s instantly motivational. One can have longer statements, but the short pops can be so powerful. For instance, what works better than “Just Do It” by Nike? Or Muhammad Ali’s “I’m the Greatest of all Time“?

I decided to share my little saying with everyone here, so you have an idea of the kind of thing I mean. Mine is simple:

Today, I’m going to have fun, be prosperous and healthy, and live my life to the fullest.”

Believe it, or at least work on believing it, and you can achieve it. Laws of Attraction; powerful stuff if you ask me. Oh yeah, there’s this page called Achievement Radio that you might want to check out also. Good stuff, motivation during the entire day, though you might have to refresh after so many hours.

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