In the post I wrote last Friday titled I’m Not As Smart As I Think I am, I talked a little bit about my broken business model. In general, it’s my opinion that instead of being a true business person the way I know I should be, I’ve been a hired gun, mainly through the efforts of other people, although they wouldn’t have known me without my reaching out to them.

looking professorial!

On one of my other blogs I said this: “We should learn how to live the life we want instead of the life we think we should be living. And if we can make money that way… then why not?

Why not indeed? As my friend Holly said in the only comment that post on Friday got, “None of us are as smart as we’d LIKE to think we are (or as stupid as our Inner Critic would have us believe in our darker moments).”

I’d had this idea floating in the back of my mind for a while. I always figured I was going to get there sooner or later. But after talking with this guy in a general conversation last Wednesday I decided that yes, I was going to go through with it, and I was going to try to bring some folks along with me on the adventure.

What I’m going to do is work on a series of courses, training if you will, on a variety of subjects I happen to be quite proficient in. However, before I begin, I’m putting out a general survey asking which of the many subjects I know well would folks like me to create, and then how would they like them presented. The overwhelming majority of ways to present are available for everyone; one of the choices probably wouldn’t be, but you’ll know that when you look at it.

I’m going to have a blog post about this every day through Thursday; my Friday post will be back to something more normal for this blog. If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, check the link above, as I explained it a bit there. If you’re wondering where I got the idea from for what I’m doing this week, check out my review of Ryan Levesque’s book Ask on one of my other blogs.

By the way, I’m not only doing this from this blog. I’m doing it from this one and 3 others. After all, some folks who might read this blog regularly might not know of my other blogs, thus might not know why I’m proficient in other areas. Here’s a brief synopsis on those blogs:

Mitch’s Blog – this is my more prolific blog, which I created after this one. I mainly talk about blogging and social media and things associated with it, which includes motivation, something I also talk about on this blog.

Top Finance Blog – this is my finance site where I mainly talk about ways to save money and budgeting. Occasionally I talk about other financial issues, and there are a lot of other topics that have been addressed on this site because, for a couple of years, I accepted guest post on this site (but no more).

Medical Billing Answers Blog – this is obviously the blog to my medical billing site. The posts on this site mainly concern medical billing and health care revenue cycle issues, health topics and recommendations for patients who have to deal with medical bills.

Of course you already know what I mainly write about on this blog; at least I hope you do. If not, take a look around; I think it’s pretty cool, especially as this blog is now 10 1/2 years old.

Enough with the preamble; let’s get to the meat of things.

Let’s get to it. Below are 9 categories of things I’m very proficient in; yes, someone can actually be good at more than one thing. Under a couple of them, I’ve broken the category down slightly further than the main category.

The first thing I need is for you to pick one thing; one choice per person. You can leave your request on the blog, or you can send me an email to mitch@imjustsharing.

The second thing I need is for you to pick how you’d like the training delivered to you. One of these I’ve put in there in case local folks participate in amazing numbers; gotta have hope right? Or, if you believe you’d able to pull something together that could get me to come to where you are and get paid for it… even better.

The reward? Other than what I promise will be a top flight lesson, the first idea that has five people select it and the way it’s delivered, I’ll pick 1 person from that group to receive that training for free. If I get 20 people eventually under that same selection, I’ll give away 2 more free trainings.

At some point, if I don’t reach an agreed upon number, I’ll probably take the top 3 and run this again. As I said, I’m putting this out on 4 blogs, and since each blog addresses something different, you might think that picking something on this blog would be a snap… but you just never know… not everything below is something that’s covered on this blog. Who knows, some of you might learn something new about me from the choices below 🙂

These are the areas you have to select from (categories are underlined):


Being A Better Leader
Training Others To Be Leaders


Customer Service

How to provide good customer service
Training others to be good at customer service

Hospital Revenue Cycle

Medical Billing techniques
Understanding Charge Master
Understanding the Revenue Cycle


How to motivate yourself
Motivating Others


Business blogging
blogging for money
blog writing
article writing for others

Social Media

benefits and dangers of social media
social media marketing tips
YouTube & video basics

Self Employment

Personal Budgeting

Now, method of delivery:

Udemy course
Email course
Live seminar
1 on 1 training (in person, Skype, Google Hangout, phone)

Remember, only one per person. If you mention more than one, you have to tell me which one is first. You don’t even have to promise me you’ll buy; I just want to know which one you find the most important to you, and how you’d prefer it to be delivered.

I thank everyone in advance for participating and sharing this post, or any other post from this week, or any of my other posts from any of my other blogs regarding this. I really appreciate all your help. And, just so you know, business as usual again come Friday.

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