This is day 3 of my new marketing plan for the week. I’m only doing this type of thing for this week, where I have a blog post every day. That’s because of what I’m trying to push for the moment; Friday goes back to a normal type of post and then I plan on going back to Tuesdays and Fridays next week.

"I used to stand on a roof in the Potala and look at people below through a binocular" - Dalai Lama visiting IMs office in Lund and have lunch with IMs staff (Photo: Erik Törner)

In case this is the first post you’ve seen this week, I started the week off with The Answer – Training Courses You Pick. A quick summary is that I’ve decided to branch out more as far as my business is concerned. Marketing to one type of business that’s as much fun as a sharp stick in the eye because they don’t want to talk to me isn’t the most uplifting thing I’ve ever done in my life.

So, after 14 years in business I figure it was time to do more of what I started out to do back then. To that end, it’s my intention to create more products, do more training (via the products and seminars) and increase my influence.

The first two are self explanatory, so I’m going to talk about the third one now, influence. I’ve talked about it on one of my other blogs in the past but not here all that often, and certainly not in the way I’m going to talk about it now.

In the past I’ve talked about sphere of influence, how leaders can negatively influence others, and trying to use influence to change someone else’s perspective. Now I’m going to talk about influence as far as being better known so you can affect changes in larger ways while working towards making yourself someone that others want to come to without your having to chase them as much.

The true definition of influence is: “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.” I want to concentrate on the effect, since in previous posts I’ve talked more about how to influence others as a leader.

What do I see about influence? In general:

* influence affects income
* influence affects authority
* influence affects popularity
* influence affects self esteem
* influence affects… everything!

What one does if one can attain a fairly high level of influence is what determines the type of person they are rather than attaining influence at all. For instance, supposedly one of the most influential people in the world is Justin Bieber. Yet, can anyone say what he’s done to positively affect anyone with that influence other than himself? I’m not one of those people who will discount taking care of yourself first; after all, that’s what every airplane you get on tells you what to do if there’s an emergency.

Let’s compare his influence to someone who, in my estimation, has a lot more influence but might be harder to figure out an ROI on, that being the Dalai Lama. Just hearing that the Dalia was coming to Syracuse made a lot of us lose our minds a few years ago, and my being in the Carrier Dome seeing him life and pontificating on the concept of peace and life… wow!

Most people only dream of having influence; by that I mean they want it but don’t want to do anything about it. I understand that; there’s a great fear of the unknown, and many a TV, music or movie star has buckled under the pressure of succeeding at something.

The other side of that is that many have handled it well, made a lot of money, done a lot of good things, and influenced people’s lives in wonderful ways. That’s where I want to be.

Depending on who you ask, I’m either ranked in the top 50 leaders in blogging or not on the radar whatsoever. I know it’s probably more the latter; I’d like to change that. I’d like to change it as it pertains to blogging and social media also. There are things I can do towards working on those things; a big part of it will be the creation of these training programs and products.

For that, I’m asking for some help from y’all. This is where you get to be influential if you’re ready to live up to it. All I’m asking is for you to vote on what I’m sharing below, and then sharing this link or any of the other blog post links on this same subject, with others. All of you have a sphere of influence as I do; if you share, it helps me and it helps you.

With that said, it’s time to get to the meat and potatoes of this thing.

Below are 9 categories of things I’m very proficient in. Under a couple of them, I’ve broken the category down slightly further than the main category.

The first thing I need is for you to pick a topic; one choice per person. You can leave your request on the blog, or you can send me an email to mitch@imjustsharing.

The second thing I need is for you to pick how you’d like the training delivered to you. One of these I’ve put in there in case local folks participate in amazing numbers; gotta have hope right? Or, if you believe you’d able to pull something together that could get me to come to where you are and get paid for it… even better.

The reward? Other than what I promise will be a top flight lesson, the first idea that has five people select it and the way it’s delivered, I’ll pick 1 person from that group to receive that training for free. If I get 20 people eventually under that same selection, I’ll give away 2 more free trainings.

At some point, if I don’t reach an agreed upon number, I’ll probably take the top 3 and run this again. As I said, I’m putting this out on 4 blogs, and since each blog addresses something different, you might think that picking something on this blog would be a snap… but you just never know… not everything below is something that’s covered on this blog. Who knows, some of you might learn something new about me from the choices below 🙂

These are the areas you have to select from (categories are underlined):


How to motivate yourself
Motivating Others


Being A Better Leader
Training Others To Be Leaders

Hospital Revenue Cycle

Medical Billing techniques
Understanding Charge Master
Understanding the Revenue Cycle


Customer Service

How to provide good customer service
Training others to be good at customer service

Self Employment


Business blogging
blogging for money
blog writing
article writing for others

Social Media

benefits and dangers of social media
social media marketing tips
YouTube & video basics

Personal Budgeting

Now, method of delivery:

Udemy course
Live seminar
Email course
YouTube (this is new because it’s been requested on some of the other blogs as an option)
1 on 1 training (in person, Skype, Google Hangout, phone)

Remember, only one per person. If you mention more than one, you have to tell me which one is first. You don’t even have to promise me you’ll buy; I just want to know which one you find the most important to you, and how you’d prefer it to be delivered.

I thank everyone in advance for participating and sharing this post, or any other post from this week, or any of my other posts from any of my other blogs regarding this. I really appreciate all your help. And, just so you know, business as usual again come Friday.

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