This is a different type of blog post that’s highlighting some different kinds of blog posts that are coming over the next six evenings.

On my other blog last week I highlighted all of the products I’ve created for all the businesses I do. It’s possible that I’ve written about a product here and there on this blog, as I had on the other blog, but what I’ll be posting isn’t quite a repeat, at least on this blog. What I decided to do with the latest advertising posts was to tell why I created them. The thing is, most of the products are pertinent to things I talk about on this blog rather than that blog since leadership and management really are my business here, along with some other things.

Anyway, there will be six nights of product advertisements; I hope they don’t deter those of you who visit this blog regularly from continuing to stop by, since they won’t be the only thing I talk about. However, I’m realizing that I haven’t really been doing any business marketing lately, and I need to kick things up a lot, and thus it’s time for a bit more publicizing of myself.

At least you now know what’s coming. 🙂