This page will list blog entries that I feel need to be given another chance to be seen. The categories and topics are below:


Leadership Principles In Networking

What Is This Executive Coaching Thing?

Write It Down; Protect Yourself


What Is Honesty Anyway?

Repairing A Fractured Working Relationship

Duty And Honor

Sometimes Even The Clear Message Won’t Be Heard

Keeping One’s Head

What Is Simple

Lawful Activities Statute

Dealing With Feelings

I Can Take Care Of Myself

Excuses And Rewards


Black History Month; Why Don’t People Care More?

A Moment Of Silence

Why Racism Will Never Go Away

Did Martin Luther King Jr Believe In Our Future?

Honesty Or Hate

Have I Ever Been Discriminated Against

Jackie Robinson’s 60th Anniversary

The Other Side Of The Street

Who’s Right And When’s Wrong

What’s Happened To Courtesy?

Customer Service

Overlooking Customer Service Mistakes

Common Sense In Common Courtesy

Will Bad Customer Service Kill Your Business?

More Bad Customer Service Stories

Is Good Customer Service Too Costly?


Reserve Index – How Are You Doing?

For You, Spring Can Be Any Day

Who Defines Your Success

Ten Affirmations

He Doesn’t Like Me; A Business Perspective

Sphere Of Influence

The 7 Habits Seminar

On Insulin But Not Dependent

Just Six Words

I Am A Business Coach


We Call It Charity Care

Csutomers Of Healthcare With Bills

In Healthcare Customer Service Needs To Work Both Ways

How Come My Hospital Bill Is So High

The Reality Of Costs Of An Operation In A Hospital

Pricing Transparency

Healthcare Isn’t All About Money

Government Is Wrong On Healthcare

Don’t Blame Charge Masters


Interview Series – Expeditive

Interview Series – Microtech Computer

Interview Series – Don L Price Companies

Interview Series – Hurst Associates

Interview Series – Dekaye Consulting

Interview Series – Srim Enterprises

Interview Series – Business Theatre Works

Interview Series – GW Chapman Consulting

General Business

SEOXcellence Opens For Business

Wealth Is Not A Bad Thing

Bad Decisions Can Come Back On You

How Far Will You Go

Consulting Is A Tough Business

Myself As A Professional Speaker


Time For The Full Introduction

My Take On Katrina

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