It’s Black History Month 2012 style, and this year I’m doing things a little bit different. In previous year’s posts I’ve talked about why the month is still needed and asked some questions that, frankly, were downers. This years I’m going to change some things up, as well as highlight the past.

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First, let’s highlight the past. I’ve written a lot of posts over the years and two blogs on the specific topic of Black History Month. I thought I’d share all those posts here:

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Next, let’s talk about contribution. Last year, after awhile, I felt that it was time to contribute in some fashion after all the years of complaining. It all can’t be left up to President Barack Obama; he’s got his own issues to contend with. I decided it was time to highlight a group of people who get almost no press online, black bloggers and social media participants.

Being truthful, with all the things I’ve done online and people I’ve met I keep thinking that I might one day be included in one of those big time lists of online people trying to make a difference, but I realized that it’s not just me, but a host of other very qualified black people that are basically ignored or unknown by the masses, including, well, other black people. So, on my other blog, I started out with 8 black bloggers I didn’t think people knew about. That led to coming up with 21 black social media influencers and finally 29 more black social media influencers.

Not bad I’d say, especially since I’d have to admit that until I did the research I didn’t know 80% of them. But I thought about it and came into this year deciding it wasn’t enough. So two Fridays ago on that blog I started what I call Black Wed Friday, where each week for at least 6 months, hopefully through the end of the year, I’ll highlight websites by, dedicated to or for black people. The second Black Web Friday was last week, and there’s one today.

This is my contribution to not only Black History Month, but Black History year. I think black people online have been invisible for too long; this year, I try to make a difference. After all, isn’t that what taking a stand is all about?

This is where I do my leadership thing with diversity; what are you doing this year?

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