I’ve been writing this blog since early 2005. Actually, it could be older than that, but I’m going with 2005 for now. I’m on the verge of hitting 800 posts, which isn’t bad but seems a little lame when I compare it to one of my other blogs. But the most important thing is that I’ve shown longevity, which is something one doesn’t always see, especially for this type of business blog.

I decided to highlight 5 of my earlier missives, mainly because I think they were written fairly well when compared to some of the other posts I put out there, and because these posts are still pertinent today, even if some of the references here and there might be dated. I’m in the process of editing old newsletters and blog posts for a compendium book I’m putting together, and these 5 will undoubtedly be in the book. So you might as well get a jump on everyone else.

Let’s start with a post I wrote on mentoring. At the time I was also writing a newsletter on the topic, and months later I gave a presentation on the topic to people at University Hospital here in Syracuse in front of nearly 200 people. You can bet that presentation was much longer than the blog post was, yet I thought it was still a great topic to consider.

Next we have a post on networking and how sometimes leadership principles can come into play when trying to do it. I’m not the best networker in the world, yet I know how to pull out my own principles and put them to use when I need them.

Then there was my first lament about the lack of enthusiasm for Black History Month, and as this one was written in 2005 I guess I’ve been carrying this thing for quite a few years now.

When I talked about Community Wide Dialogue, I actually thought it would get comments and such, but it didn’t get anything. This was a great experiment in the topic of trying to bring diverse people together to talk about, well, race and religion, the problems faced by minorities, and figuring out ways to bring everyone together. Was it a success?

And finally, the topic of motivation, finding ways to get and stay motivated, and why it’s important. When I wrote it I was in a real good period of motivation, one I’m working my way back to again. That’s when success seems to come easily and consistency, but I acknowledge that it’s sometimes hard staying in that place.

See, five simple links; next time, post #800!