I've talked enough about this concept of "track record" that I figured it was finally time to write about it.

Basically, track record is what your normal patterns are barring something extreme happening, unless extreme things occur in your life all the time. For instance, you could have a track record of always being late. Or you could have a track record where strange things just seem to always be happening to you; trust me, I have friends like that.

Earlier today I was talking to someone who said she was going to start doing something as soon as she had the time. I told her it was never going to happen based on her track record. When she asked me to explain further I told her that she'd been telling me the same thing for more than a year, that she was always on the go doing other things and wasn't going to slow down to start doing that particular thing since it had nothing to do with business, and that her other habits showed that the only reason it was on her mind me because people like me tend to talk about it all the time but she really didn't care to do it. That's because I've seen things she's cared about doing, and nothing gets in her way of doing those things when she really wants them.

Most people have no idea what their track record is like. This follows up well on my last post When Other People's Opinions Matter because, unless you're fairly introspective like I am, you may not know your reactions to common stimulus. When playing poker, for instance, every once in awhile you get a read on someone because every time they're bluffing, they do a certain behavior that they can't see, and the same goes for when they get good cards. Those people wonder why they don't always do well when playing the game; they don't know their track record, or "tell' in this particular case.

Of course, knowing what your track record is doesn't always mean it's easy to change things up. There are a couple I have that I just can't break for whatever reason. If I felt they were important enough to break, I'm sure I'd either figure it out or ask for some help. Actually, I have asked a friend about a continual habit of mine, and he gave me some great insight that no one else could have ever given me. And that's something I have listened to, and try to work on since he laid it out for me.

Sometimes that's what friends are for, whether you know what your track record is or not. Do you know what your track record is? Are you ready to change it, if needed?