In last week's newsletter, I talked about some things I've been dropping lately because I realized I was tolerating them more than getting anything out of them.

Some of them are organizations that I joined thinking I was going to get a certain thing out of them, and in the end all they did was help me promote all the groups I belonged to. That just won't get it done, especially when these groups cost a lot of money and economic times aren't all that good.

Some are newsletters that I've been subscribed to that I realize I just wasn't reading anymore. Years ago I'd gotten rid of all the magazines that I wasn't reading, and now only subscribe to two.

Some was general clutter that I just have laying around my office and in the master bedroom, things that I and my wife had gotten used to just sitting there, but stuff we just didn't even notice anymore. Stuff like that happens from time to time, but truthfully, if it has no meaning why keep it around?

Then I realized, while writing my newsletter and coming back to this one for more information, that I've only written about tolerations once on this blog, and it was only a paragraph. That just won't do.

On my I'm Just Sharing blog, I talked about the concept of repurposing posts. This means looking at older blog posts and changing them up to make them more relevant after a long time or to boost them up because that post still gets a lot of visits. In this particular case, that's a post that's never received many visits, probably because it was only the one paragraph. So, I decided to write a post with a bit more substance. It also gives me the opportunity to once again share this particular list of 1001 Tolerations that you really don't want to keep living within your life. Some of them are repeats, but that's okay. Also, I didn't write it, but don't know who to attribute it to.

The more we tolerate things, the more draining it is. When I talk about diversity, something I try to get across is that no one wants to be tolerated. That pretty much means you still don't care about them, but you have to tolerate them because that's what's expected. Tolerating someone isn't much better than hating them, although sometimes we're not in control of who we have to tolerate in work situations. As long as the reasons for tolerating aren't due to things that a person has no control over, you just have to deal with it.

Otherwise, stop just tolerating things that aren't helping you push forward in your life. Either do something about them or get rid of them completely. You'll feel much better, and you'll be on your way to greater things.