As someone who gives seminars on leadership and management, I have come to my own conclusion that these are two separate things, though it would be great if both eventually end up being the same time. I've always said that managers may not be good leaders because many managers end up in the position for reasons that have nothing to do with whether they can lead others or not. Whereas there are many leaders without the titles of leadership who people seem to gravitate to because they inherently know that person won't let them down.

I came across this discussion again while reading a blog post titled Leaders Vs Managers; Are They Really Different on a blog called The Practice Of Leadership, written by George Ambler. I really like this part of a quote of his: "In the end, we need to be good at leading first and managing second,..."

You should check out the post, as he gives some links to a couple of books that help illuminate his position; good stuff.