In all my years of being either an employee, leader or a consultant, the one thing I believe to be consistent is that eventually I could work with almost anyone. In the early years I didn’t think it took all that much skill, but over time I realized the way I worked was more of […]

Continuing on my quest in promoting my latest book Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy shamelessly, which also includes following up on an article I wrote two posts ago titled Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy, The Standalone Book & The Answer…, I thought I’d give some ways that could make leadership easy for folks who don’t get it. Because I […]

I started my own meme on my blogs yesterday with the above topic; well, in general the above topic. I tend to write fairly long posts, but I decided to try something a little different in writing a post that should only take the average reader 2 minutes at best. I’ve tackled blogging and finances […]

I’m one of those people that believes good leaders can be created. If I didn’t, there would be no point of offering some services that I do. Having said that, I know that there are many different systems and ideas out there that help to teach someone how to become better. However, I also tend […]

The concept of leadership should be a simple proposition. Obviously it’s not, as many people haven’t really had the opportunity to slowly ease into leadership positions, and many of those people have never had the opportunity to lead anything else previously. There are lots of different theories out there on leadership. I even wrote about […]

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