I have 3 intriguing stories to share with you, all of which occurred within the last month or so. In two of them the participants received death threats; in the other, the participant actually received the death penalty. Let’s take a look at these events. Tim Dennell via Compfight In the first story, a Philosophy […]

A few days ago, there was a news story stating that the United Kingdom had decided to list 26 people as undesirables and thus wouldn’t allow them into the country. It’s an interesting list, because not only are there terrorists on the list, which one could easily understand, but one of them is an American […]

Back on February 28th, I wrote a blog entry on a columnist for Asian Week and his article entitled “Why I Hate Blacks”. At that time, I also inserted my name in an online petition to get this guy fired (no, I’m not saying his name again). I rarely sign petitions, but this one just […]

It would seem that common sense left the building this week as it concerns the weekly newspaper AsianWeek, and it’s made national news. One of their contributing writers, a man named Kenneth Eng, wrote an article called “Why I Hate Blacks”. It wasn’t a long article, but it was powerful, though in a negative way. […]

Talk about being dismayed. I had always seen December as the season where people pull together the most and forget about the differences that their lives have, for the most part. Then I come across this story on CNN about the Tufts University student newspaper printing a parody of O Come All Ye Faithful, instead […]