I was having a conversation with one of my local Twitter friends on the subject of groups that specifically exclude others. In this case it’s a local women’s business support group that excludes men for the most part, but will every once in a while vote to allow a male in. His belief was that […]

Last week one of my friends asked me this question on Twitter: “Do white supremacists and KKK members, current or former, deserve to have jobs?” My response was “If the employers are ready to handle the potential fallout from those connections, no problem.” Dan Mason via Compfight For me, that was a pretty easy question […]

Anybody can learn anything right? Actually, no. It’s not even close to the truth. For instance, as much as I’ve tried over the years I just can’t absorb anything much about cars. I like how some of them look and I love the colors. I sometimes like the interiors. But if it involves engines or […]

I’m flying home from a convention where the focus was on health care finances, more specifically making sure folks handle your information and your bills properly so health care providers of all types can get as much money as possible so they can keep running and hopefully provide the best health care possible. But what […]

Christmas Day for me was something a little different. Around 4:30 I had nothing to do, wasn’t interested in sitting home watching basketball, and there weren’t any football games on TV. In that vein I decided to head to the casino for a few hours of fun and relaxation. Gisela Giardino via Compfight I had […]