I’ve written a lot about negative behavior I’m seeing on social media and in news stories. I’m often amazed when I read some of these stories because the person causing problems turns out to be someone in a leadership position. Geoff George via Compfight Years ago I read a story about a mother who hired […]

This past Friday I was in my home area and decided to spend a few hours at the local casino, which is about 40 minutes away. I got a seat at a table immediately and had a pretty good time for the next few hours. zen Sutherland via Compfight Unfortunately, I could only say pretty […]

Last week the CEO of Mozilla, an open source software company that produces the Firefox browser along with many other products, resigned under pressure because of what’s now an unpopular stance he took back in 2008 in California when he supported Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that initially banned gay marriage in the state. He […]

It seems that many people have found a way to get around their stance against being politically correct. They go ahead and say or do what they want to do, then they apologize after the fact. But the apology is not only false, but they don’t apologize for what they’ve done. Instead, they apologize if […]

Once again, my wife is out of town for a few days. This often means that I now have to work on keeping myself under control as far as what I eat. Lucky for me, I have learned how to eat better as it pertains to my weight. Unfortunately, I still have those cravings for […]