Last week, Rachel Maddow, after the confirmation hearings on Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor, ended up having Pat Buchanan on her show to discuss the issue. Buchanan has been dead set against Sotomayor, which is fine, but he kept calling her an affirmative action pick.

However, during the interview, he went nuts, and for the first time, even though I've always suspected as much, the full racist side of Buchanan came out. He insisted that she wasn't qualified because she got into Harvard through affirmative action (not unlike another Supreme Court justice who shall remain nameless because I don't like him either) that he never mentioned. He said that the only group that's consistently hurt by affirmative action is white men, and that they're put upon as if they deserve it, even though they built this country by themselves, went to war by themselves to defend the country, wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence by themselves, were the most qualified for everything because they had earned it, and had no problem if everything in the country was led by, and mainly worked by, white men because they were superior based on test scores. Of course, he did throw in the caveat that if a minority earned it, that wouldn't bother him.

Maddow did argue with him a little bit, but since he was a guest on the show, she really couldn't pick him apart. However, a few days ago, she finally did pick him apart in her response. She couched it by saying she had to "right" the wrongs he made in his statements by telling some truths.

I'm not going to state everything she said here; instead, I'd like you to check out this video clip, if you're so inclined, and watch it for yourself. I'm not sure how long MSNBC will keep the clip live, but it's making a run at being viral all over the internet, Twitter, and Facebook.

It just seems longer than a month ago that I wrote the truth in saying that things haven't changed that much when it comes to racism in America, just because there's a president of color in the White House. And all racists aren't in Philadelphia either, although there's now a federal lawsuit that's been filed against the Philadelphia police department concerning a racist website that's being run by other Philadelphia policemen. And of course we just had Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr, a world renown professor whom everyone else, it seems, knows, and yet still got dragged out of his own house even after showing identification proving that he lived there.

Goodness, I'm saying some tough things here; I wonder when they'll be coming for me.