We don’t have to argue with anybody. We don’t have to curse and go around acting bad with our words. We don’t need any bricks and bottles. We don’t need any Molotov cocktails. We just need to go around to these stores, and to these massive industries in our country, and say, “God sent us […]

Every once in awhile there comes a time when the manager and an employee just aren’t getting along. Suddenly the employee seems to be insubordinate, or the manager seems to be going out of his or her way to be abusive in some manner to the employee. Humans have a habit of doing that to […]

This is a repurposed article from 2012. It’s already over 2200 words, and I’m adding a few more. It was popular when released, and I feel it deserves a refresh. A few of the comments from back then have been kept because their websites and insights were good. Stuart Williams via Compfight I don’t know […]

I’m always saying there are a lot of bad leaders in the world, and almost every day I have it proven to me. Yet, I think that being in leadership is a great thing, and wish more people were ready to embrace it and use it to their advantage and for the benefit of others. […]

How interesting that I’ve never really talked about what leadership is directly on this blog; I don’t think I even really addressed it in my book. I mentioned it in one of my seminar series and yet I’m not sure I defined it all that much. Before I go on, let me mention that this […]

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