Most of the time I write about what it takes to be a good or great leader. It’s a topic many of us who write, teach or speak about leadership do. Yet, if we look at things properly, I think we all know that there will only be so many great leaders in the world. Why do I say that?

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Let’s look at how the world breaks out financially. We always hear about the 1%, the richest of the rich, the elite people who have it all… or at least seem to have it all. It’s a very exclusive club and it’s hard to break into for the rest of us.
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Today marks the 13th year of blogging, but since it’s this blog that I’ve reached 13 years, I’m calling it business blogging instead of regular blogging. First, I’ll take a moment for myself; few people reach 5 years these days, let alone 13.

value in business blogging

Enough of that. My original plan was to write a post like last year’s post about being a nice person where I was going to write 13 points about business blogging. Then I decided that would take a lot more time and be less of a free flowing piece of art that I’m actually more in the mood to write.
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I remember years ago that there was a news story about a woman in Pennsylvania who received a prison sentence of 5 to 10 years, basically for losing her temper and doing a most unthinkable thing. While having a fight with her boyfriend, as they were physically hitting each other, she picked up her own 4-month old baby and used it as a club to strike out at the boyfriend, fracturing the baby’s soft skull.

controlling anger

At first she plead guilty, then retracted it, and was then convicted of more crimes than she would have been if she’d stuck with her original guilty plea. Her reasoning for changing her mind was that, according to her, she didn’t realize what she was doing when she picked up her baby and swung at her boyfriend; she’d gotten so angry that she lost control of her mind and thoughts and just reacted. Obviously the jury didn’t care; as well they shouldn’t have.
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I’ve wondered what’s up with today’s employees when it comes to writing skills. Doesn’t anyone know how to spell anymore? Whatever happened to punctuation and capitalization? I’d be hard pressed to find much nice to say about the educational system today based on some of the writing I’ve seen, but it would be disingenuous to the younger people to put out a belief that only the young seem illiterate.

bad writing

When I was a patient accounting director, I used to allow my employees to write their own letters to send out to patients. That is, until one day I got a look at one of the letters. Forget about them remembering anything as it pertains to formatting a letter, is it possible I had better teachers in my school or was it that I cared more?
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Years ago I ended a long term contract with an organization that I’d been subcontracting with. I ended it because I was unhappy with it; that’s all I need to say about that. I realized I went into the venture with one thing in mind; making the almighty dollar. I stayed with it for the same reason.

feeling good

But from the first month I was unhappy, and I was falling deeper and deeper into my own little depression. I should have been feeling at the top of my world; instead, I was allowing someone else to bring me down.
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