There's a restaurant I go to that's probably, at present, my favorite restaurant locally. It's called Julie's Diner, in North Syracuse, and they only serve breakfast and lunch. I try to go at least twice a month for breakfast, and, since I've been going a long time, they know my face fairly well there.

Almost every single time I've gone there, I've had a positive experience. They have a greeter whom I've come to like very much, and all the waitstaff has been very kind and open and friendly. All except one, that is. She's the oldest one there, and probably feels like a job is a job, and nothing else needs to occur because, after all, it's work. This one time, she actually insulted a friend of mine and myself by her attitude, and I was glad it was his turn to pay because he didn't leave her a tip at all, whereas I always feel compelled to leave something, even with bad service.

However, unlike some other times when I might decide to take my money elsewhere, because I'd built up a rapport with everyone else at this restaurant I decided that I was going to continue going. Instead, I've asked not to have this particular woman serve my food anymore. This is kind of a unique perspective on customer service. I tend to tip well (I'll tip 50% at times at this place) when I like the service I've received, and everyone else seems to understand that. I know waitstaff doesn't get paid well, so I always feel it's important to help out when I can. Because the rest of the staff at this restaurant has treated me with nothing but courtesy and respect, I've found a way around the one person who could turn my overall good experience bad.

They're lucky. How lucky are the rest of us when someone under us gives bad customer service? How many second chances do you think we'd get? Something else to think about.