Yasmin Shiraz is proof that there are many quality people you can meet on Twitter and actually get to talk to. Books, movies, speaking engagements, activism... if it's important, she has something to say about it and she says it well. On my other blog I named her as one of 21 of the Top Black Social Media Influencers; you don't get much better than her:

1. What is your business?

I own Still Eye Rise Media, LLC, an independent production company. We produce books, films, and webseries.

2. What made you decide to go into this business?

After years of writing, teaching through workshops, and keynoting speeches on a variety of topics, I wanted to put my creative talent in a form that would be accessible to the masses. Books, films and webseries allow me to express my creativity in a variety of formats.

3. What types of challenges have you had along the way?

Production companies are always in need of capital to produce their projects. That’s challenging because I’m always raising money. The book business has changed tremendously over the past 5 years and so we’ve had to adapt along the way. As technology continues to change, we have to find new, more effective ways to reach our customer.

4. Have the positives outweighed the negatives, and if so, how?

The positives outweighed the negatives. For example, just as the book business was changing, Rolling Hills Press - the book division of Still Eye Rise Media, LLC - earned its first top 10 award from the American Library Association. That’s huge for an independent press. Also, our first film - Can She Be Saved? - a documentary about teen girl fights won 4 Film Awards, including best first film from the International Youth Film Festival. Those awards gave me a bunch of confidence.

5. What would you recommend for anyone looking to go into business for themselves?

Embrace what makes you unique. Allow your individuality to be one of your biggest selling points. Believe in yourself. Invest in yourself. Jump off the proverbial cliff on a daily basis which means try something new everyday to grow your business.

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