I've known George Chapman for a few years now, and we even worked on one project together. I wish I'd known him when he was vice president of one of the local hospitals because it might have helped my consulting business take off earlier, but so be it. George is one of those guys for whom "it can't be done" isn't in his vocabulary.

1. What is GW Chapman Consulting??

GW Chapman Consulting provides management and operational advice to physician groups, clinics, community health centers, hospitals, third party payers and healthcare provider joint ventures.

2. What made you decide to go into this business?

I decided to go on my own after 25 years in the industry. I was a senior executive for 2 medical groups, 2 hospitals and an HMO. I then worked for a firm as a consultant. Many of the consultants I met did not have nearly the experience and background in the industry that I had. I saw a definite competitive advantage with my diversified background and experiences from "the inside". I could easily relate to my clients an develop strategies that worked.

3. What types of challenges have you had along the way?

I am a sole proprietor. The biggest challenge of being self employed is "working without a net" so to speak. There is not a steady and consistent paycheck as when employed. The next biggest is maintaining your confidence as you are thrust into some very complicated and politically charged situations.

4. Have the positives outweighed the negatives, and if so, how?

The positives of being your own boss and watching you business grow far outweigh the frustrations of being employed.

5. What would you recommend for anyone looking to go into business for themselves?

If someone is thinking of going into business for themselves I recommend they be sure they have passion for the business, have enough cash on hand to get them through the start up phase and have good contacts in your industry to help you along.