If you've ever been to my main page, if you look to the left down about halfway you'll see a little box that says "Talk To Mitch." That box is courtesy of something called Meebo. Meebo is actually an instant messaging system that allows you to log into different types of instant messaging systems such as AIM, Yahoo, and MSN, but from your browser.

However, in this instance, it's main benefit is that, if I happen to be signed on and you visit my site, you can talk to me directly, or, if I'm not on, you can leave me a message. When I'm not on the road, every day I try to hold what I call "office hours" for at least an hour, sometimes more, which I'll usually announce on Twitter. I have the same Meebo box on my other business site, so when I'm on with one, I'm on with both.

Thus far, I've had very few people who've ever taken me up on my office hours notification, but that's okay because the times have been somewhat sporadic. When I get my mind together, I expect to set up more routine with it so that if people have been wanting to talk to me live, I'll be available for them when they'll be expecting it.

This might be something interesting for your business also; why not take a look?