June 16th, 2002, was the day my father, Lloyd E Mitchell, passed away; that’s 20 years and the anniversary date for this year. I’ve been thinking about it since March 2022, six months after my mother passed. Dad passed away on Father’s Day, a day I haven’t celebrated since then, because I didn’t want to […]

There are constant pressures all of us have to deal with. It seems like almost every day there’s something that we have to overcome in order to get through the day. Whereas we all have to work through different types of issues, there is one constant that is paramount; we must work hard to keep […]

This is my 600th blog post for this blog, and I feel pretty good about that. Not many people actually reach 600 posts, based on statistics, so I’m in rare air. And yet, as I’ve reached this number, I find myself at an interesting mental crossroads. First, let me give you the only statistic I […]


Almost to the year of the last one, I’ve made another theme change to this blog. This time around, I’ve decided to make it look a bit more like my business website. The reason for the theme change? Well, to tell you the truth, I loved the look of the other one. It was called […]


The time and date of the worst tragedy in American history. This was worse than what happened at Pearl Harbor; this was on our own soil. This was in New York City. These weren’t soldiers. These were men and women going about their business, doing their thing. These were visitors on top of the tower, […]

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