Customer Service

In my last post, where I talked about measuring competence, I shared a brief tale about trying to get a kerosene heater to work. I read the instructions again, watched a video on YouTube… nothing. After talking to my wife she said I should take it back and try another one. Though I hate doing […]

Today in the place where I’m presently consulting, myself and one of the full time employees were pondering an issue where we were trying to fully identify a specific item. The research I’d done yielded almost no information, but I was able to find a picture of the item. Unfortunately, it was insufficient for what […]

It was hard to miss, even from my office. The words were unmistakable: ā€œIā€™m sorry you feel that way sir; have a nice life!ā€ Slam! I got up slowly from my desk and walked into the other room. I recognized the voice, and I was surprised because she was usually one of the calmest people […]

Before I proceed with the article, I’d like to mention that I was interviewed for a site called Dose Of Leadership by a guy named Richard Rierson and it was turned into a podcast which, if you’re interested, you can listen to here on the topic, of course, leadership. He also reads the blog; how […]

I have to admit that there are fewer stores that I go to these days. It’s not only because there seems to be so many of them are give a depressed feeling because there’s fewer customers, other than on the weekend. It’s mainly because I’m not made to feel special as a consumer in that […]

I have found that some of the most read posts I end up with are when I give some quick points on a particular topic. I don’t get tons of comments, but the visits work. There’s something to be said for points without much detail; people will process the information in their own way without […]

Last week my wife and I decided to go to my favorite restaurant for dinner. It’s my favorite restaurant not only because I like the food, but because the staff that works there has always been friendly and taken care of me like I’m someone special. I’m sure they do that for a lot of […]