Well, this certainly was an interesting day. Because of server issues, I spent a big part of the day reviewing many blogs, just to see what was out on the blogosphere that might interest readers of my blog.

I came across this post on the Electronic Village blog called This Week In Blackness that caught my attention, mainly because of the video that I’m going to share below. The person in the video is a comedian named Elon James White, who supposedly has a series of videos on the topic of “White Privilege.

Personally, though it’s done in a comedic tone, I feel it’s pretty important stuff because I’ve heard some of the same sort of things he talks about, such as this impression that, because Barack Obama actually has a chance to become president this year, that racism is dead in America. Since I don’t feel like quoting statistics to try to prove that comment isn’t close to being correct, instead I’ll just share this video, which has a little bit of bad language, but very little: