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It would seem that common sense left the building this week as it concerns the weekly newspaper AsianWeek, and it’s made national news. One of their contributing writers, a man named Kenneth Eng, wrote an article called “Why I Hate Blacks”. It wasn’t a long article, but it was powerful, though in a negative way. […]

By now, most people in New York state know about the Berger Commission and it’s series of recommendations for hospital and nursing home closings, mergers, and the like. Well, now word is getting out that almost none of the hospitals that the people who were entrusted to make these decisions about were actually visited. Instead, […]


By now, most everyone in America, and it seems, around the world, knows that Senator Barack Obama from Illinois is running for president in 2008. What’s ironic isn’t that race has already come into the discussion; it’s how it’s come into the discussion. As reported in the blog The Black Factor, it would seem that […]


If you want your business to survive, you don’t go around messing with mothers. That’s the story here, as the National Pork Board tried to intimidate a woman who writes a blog called The Lactivist from selling t-shirts that said “the other white milk” on them to help raise money for a website that promotes […]


Last week, a former NBA player named John Amaechi came out and said that he was gay. It immediately caused a firestorm, not necessarily because he was gay, but because of when he was coming out with it, since he’s now promoting a book. Some thought it should have come out much sooner, while he […]

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