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I was out of town last week at a convention in another city, a large city.  I stayed at a five-star hotel, and the convention was at a different five-star hotel. I spent more time at the hotel where the convention was than my own hotel.  Talk about luxurious.  This was the first time I […]


I spent an overnight trip at my mother’s house to finally load all the software she needed in her new laptop, which I talked about a couple of weeeks ago. It’s hard to imagine for most, but it takes a lot of time to load software if you’re loading multiple things. One of the things […]


You know, the toughest thing about working for yourself is, if you’re not getting a referral, you have to reach out to people and companies to see if they can use your services. I’ll admit it; I absolutely hate this part of the business. I’m not very good at it because I’m often forgetting what’s […]


Yesterday I went with my mother to buy her a new laptop and a Palm pilot. We went to the first store because she had $250 worth of coupons that would go towards her purchase. We looked at the laptops, and early on the choice came down to two that were fairly similar. Then I […]


On another post, I talked about this movie experience called The Secret . Based off that, because I feel like we need some positive spirit this week after many of the bad types of things that have been going on in this country over the last couple of weeks, I want to offer a challenge […]

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