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World events this week have concentrated on the coup of the democratic government in Thailand and the uprisings in Hungary trying to force out their prime minister. These two events were both precipitated by elected politicians who not only proved to be bad leaders, but corrupt ones as well. It led me to think about […]


The Syracuse University football team did something they hadn’t done in over a year, and in over two years. First, they won their first game after 11 straight losses (yeah, we’re not proud enough to give back the win against the Division II team) over Illinois today 31-21. In the process, they won their first […]


Accountability is one of the biggest things anyone who considers themselves a true leader must have. You’re not only accountable for your own actions, but those of others based on something you’ve done or said. A less than perfect example, but one that’s on my mind today, concerns the shootings in Montreal yesterday. Because of […]


Last week, I sent out my regular newsletter on a topic surrounding the upcoming fifth anniversary of the tragedy of the Twin Towers in NYC. It received numerous comments, very positive stuff. However, one comment came in that didn’t address the newsletter at all. It was from someone in another country, and he decided instead […]

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