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I was informed by a good friend of mine that today is Blog Day nationwide.  The idea is that those of us who write blogs should try to recommend 5 other blogs for our readers to check out. So, in the spirit of things, and eliminating any of my personal friends from the list, let’s […]


There’s a new movie out called World Trade Center. Channels such as A&E and the History Channel are presenting many shows on different aspects of what happened on that day, and subsequently. At the same time, every day another American gets killed or kidnapped in Iraq or Afghanistan, and ends up with their face splashed […]


The way most of us who do seminars on diversity approach the subject is from the point of view that people are people, regardless of the differences in their backgrounds, and that we all must at least give consideration to those facts so that we can treat each other fairly in this world. Though that’s […]

In healthcare these days, the big talk seems to be towards the concept of what’s known as pricing transparency. Basically, this says that hospitals should be posting their prices for services such as x-rays, lab tests, surgeries, etc. There is a good reason and history why this wasn’t done in the past. For one, hospitals […]

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