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(originally published October 31st, 2005) Two weekends ago, I did something I rarely do. I went back to a store that had given me really bad customer service. There was something my wife wanted, and it turned out that only two stores in the area carried this particular item, and they were in total opposite […]


(originally published October 19th, 2005) One thing I’ve never done is made a very good friend, only to lose that friend because something bad has happened. I’m usually a very good evaluator of people, for the most part, and if something is going to happen, I’ve usually figured out that there was that possibility way […]

(originally published July 12th, 2005) I’m always reading stories on how much healthcare costs are spiraling out of control, and how hospital charges are astronomical. I’m not necessarily going to debate this one, but I am going to briefly justify why hospitals might charge as they do, and what usually happens. Most hospitals in the […]


(originally published May 9th, 2005) I just wrote a letter to a friend of mine who says she’s tired, and can’t find the time to do what she wants to do. Here’s a little bit of my response: There’s this thing about time; we never have enough. Sometimes there may be enough, but we’re not […]


(originally published May 25th, 2005) Central New Yorkers are a hearty bunch, but we don’t get enough credit for it. We don’t have the best weather in the world. We average 279 cloudy days a year. In the Syracuse area we average 120 inches a year; within 60 miles there are places that average almost […]

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