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(originally published April 25th, 2005) Here are “8” things to consider if you’re going to be an effective manager: UPDATED 5/11/15: At this point I’ve been blogging for 10 years. Early on I didn’t fully understand the concept of it all. Back in the day, search engines were more concerned with the concept of new […]

(originally published January 15th, 2006) This one is a short post . I got this file awhile ago, and it’s quite interesting. It’s called 1001 Tolerations, and it’s a listing of things you should think about not tolerating, or putting up with, in your life. It’s at least good to think about, or have conversations […]


(originally published September 2nd, 2005) Last night I went with a few people to one of the big, famously named department stores, one of those where you’re surprised they don’t charge you to walk through the doors. Suddenly, I’m surrounded by suits that are around $1,500, watches as high as $4,000, sweaters starting at $400, […]


(originally published August 3rd, 2005) Last Friday night, my wife and I went to dinner with a good friend of mine from college. The waitress we had on this night was outstanding. Every time someone’s glass was close to empty, there was suddenly a full glass whatever sitting right next to it. He seemed to […]


(originally published November 10th, 2005) I went to a seminar yesterday presented by a speaker from Seattle, Judy Veasie, who’s also the editor for the healthcare receivables newsletter for Aspen Press; they’ve printed a number of articles written by yours truly. I was proud because I got her here, and she was very good. The […]

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